Some life updates
I posted a bunch about the Windows Phone 8.1 update last month. That was pretty interesting, and it had been a while since I played with Windows Phone. As a recap, I graduated last year in June, and consequently "retired" at that point. Since then, I've had pulling forces this way and that about what to do about WPH, whether or not I should try th... Read more
Windows Phone 8.1 SDK ISO Leaked
I hear the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK ISO has leaked. You need to install the VS 2013.1 update first, then install the stuff in the ISO. Use caution, know you're probably doing something you shouldn't, etc. Don't shoot to messenger. We fought SOPA for a reason. I didn't leak it. WinPhoneviet Another link Read more
Windows Phone 8.1 SDK: New stuff
A little birdie is our friend today. So, for the WP devs that were not invited, don't feel so sore. Actually, do, because you were blatantly picked last for dodgeball. Yeah, it bites. Thanks, powers to be. Anyway, I'll round up some neat changes in the WP 8.1 SDK that affect developers. I'm not on NDA, so don't worry about me reporting this stuff... Read more
Windows Phone 8.1 Round Up
There's a lot of excitement over Microsoft releasing the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK to developers select developers (notice how I'm not on the list, hah), and a lot of wondering in my mind over whether or not they totally do this on purpose to build up. Anyhow, I'm going to use this post to round up different bits of Windows Phone 8.1 leaks, since there... Read more
Surface Pro 2 owners: How's your battery life?
Cross posting from my personal blog, where I uploaded my battery report for my Surface Pro 2 after 3 months. It's been a rocky ride, with the device getting the firmware blues and having to put up with my all computer all day lifestyle, but I think it's holding up well. I think. Thing is, I have no comparison to see if I'm hurting the device, or... Read more
Can't wait for Flappy Bird? Try Squishy Bird
If you can't wait for Flappy Bird to come to Windows Phone, give Squishy Bird a try. It's an HTML5 version of the game with a slight twist. All joking aside, I'm posting this because I think it's genuinely interesting how far the HTML5 abilities of Windows Phone have improved. They still have a long way to go, and still haven't made file uploads... Read more
Some thoughts on Microsoft and the CEO shift
Yesterday, Microsoft finally announced their choice of new CEO. You probably heard, but if you hadn't, or you wanted to learn more about it, here's a very comprehensive article on the matter. All joking aside, I'm very curious to see what happens here. As I see it, Microsoft is at a pivoting point. They can either leap forward back into their 200... Read more
Nokia releases "App Folders", the WP8, store available equivalent of WPH Folders
An interesting surprise came today when I discovered that Nokia was releasing a new app called "App Folders", that creates a quick launch tile for applications stored in "folders". Sound at all familiar? If not, here's a refresher. In the WP7 days, I came up with an app idea for sideload enabled devices called "Folders", which essentially pulled... Read more
Experiment: Going full Microsoft for two weeks
I'm doing an experiment, starting now. For the next two weeks, I'm going to be going full Microsoft. I'm doing so because I feel like we all, myself especially, hold biases against companies, products, or brands, without fully accurate or up-to-date information to base these biases on. I've spent phases of my life hating and liking different c... Read more
Surface Pro 2 sleep walking after December update? Read this.
Here's a simple tl;dr summary for anyone with issues with their Surface Pro 2, and what information is floating around. Compiling this after having to read at least four dozen pages of forum posts, and a trip to the Microsoft store. Symptom: You installed an update in December (or Windows did for you), and ever since then, your Surface Pro 2 has b... Read more


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