Windows Phone 8.1 Round Up
Posted on 02-12-14 07:51 am

There's a lot of excitement over Microsoft releasing the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK to developers select developers (notice how I'm not on the list, hah), and a lot of wondering in my mind over whether or not they totally do this on purpose to build up. Anyhow, I'm going to use this post to round up different bits of Windows Phone 8.1 leaks, since there's so much info going around and it's becoming a pain to keep track of it all.

I'll start off with this video from sM4llziE showing the emulator:

(Via Winbeta, hit up the source for more goodies)

I'll be appending to this post throughout the day.

Developer list of new features

WPCentral has a nice list of new features that developers have repor--well, leaked. Here are some highlights, hit up the source for the full thing:

  • More background tasks, including bluetooth, chat notifications, usage trigger, location, and push
  • ALL Windows Phone 8 devices will get Windows Phone 8.1
  • Separate volume controls (about dang time!)
  • Make live tiles as read by swiping
  • New file picker
  • SkyDrive -> OneDrive
  • XAP replaced with APPX, theoretically on the path to merge WP and W8 apps
  • Better keyboard
  • Swipe down for Action Center
  • Nothing about Cortana

There's loads more, but these perked my interest. Be sure to hit up WP Central for more details, or this source file from Reddit user DDReaper that aggregates out a bunch of stuff.


Here are a bunch of pictures shared by @AngelWZR, who has been tweeting screenshots. Follow him and view his site if you want his latest.


Power sense:

Project my screen:

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