The Complete Guide to Jailbreaking Windows Phone 7.8 (Updated March 26th)
Posted on 02-09-14 06:35 pm

This page is dedicated to providing up to date information on "jailbreaking" Windows Phone devices. Please note that jailbreaking requires device-specific exploits. If an exploit is available for your device, it is listed below. If not, requesting one will not aid the discovery of one, so please don't ask!

If your device is not listed, it is not possible to jailbreak/root/unlock it. I keep this list up to date, and in the general case, you can't jailbreak your device.

Devices and Status

Samsung 1st generation (Focus, Omnia 7)

Samsung 2nd generation (Omnia W, Focus S, etc)

LG Devices

HTC 1st Generation

HTC 2nd Generation (Radar, Titan)


All Windows Phone 8

Types of unlocking

Windows Phone Hacker defines jailbreaking as "developer unlocking a device unofficially". This aside, the following levels of unlocking are possible:

  • Developer Unlock: This allows third-party (homebrew) applications to be sideloaded onto the device. Max 10

  • Interop Unlock: This allows better access to the device, including areas Microsoft has locked down. Registry editors, file explorers, etc., require this.

  • Rooting: This allows higher privileges to be granted to applications. This is possible on devices with custom ROMs, or interop unlock. Dynamic Background and Lock Widgets require this.

  • Full Unlock: This allows native EXEs to be run on the device. This includes things such as the DFT Bluetooth file transfer application.

Custom ROMS typically result in one of the above three.

What unlocking does

Unlocking allows third-party customizations such as Folders, Orientation lock, Lock screen widgets, and Themes, as well as various tweaks and optimizations. Is it worth it? Yes.

It does not SIM unlock your device, nor does it give you free apps.

What do I do?

If your device is supported, follow the appropriate link above. If it is not, you can follow us on Twitter, where we will keep you informed of any new developments.

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