Windows Phone 8.1 SDK: New stuff
Posted on 02-14-14 08:09 am

A little birdie is our friend today.

So, for the WP devs that were not invited, don't feel so sore. Actually, do, because you were blatantly picked last for dodgeball. Yeah, it bites. Thanks, powers to be.

Anyway, I'll round up some neat changes in the WP 8.1 SDK that affect developers. I'm not on NDA, so don't worry about me reporting this stuff. I wasn't invited ;) If you have questions, ask away.

Those buttons on the side are real. Heck yeah. No more memorizing F12 and such.

Lots of new sizes... and 1080p support. Looking at you, Nokia 1520.

Remember when we had to convert everything over from WP7 to WP8? Yeah, that's happening again.

Some cool stuff in the emulator tools.

I think they mean "snapshots"

Colorful camera.

Still no store on emulator ;)

Calendar? Oh?

New email notification. Odd icon, probably not final? And if it is, sorry, don't mean to offend whoever made it ;) Scale just seems off.

I can get great vision with Lasik. Ok, ok, back on task.

Yay, Google Calendar works!

Multiple calendars, too. It's Christmas, guys.

You can type keyboard input without disabling the on screen keyboard.

The progress bar makes a pre-emptive strike.

VPN screenshots

A popular request.

Only the listed VPN is in the dropdown. I suspect that will change.

Windows Phone 8.1 Power Tools

File upload is back!

About dang time! You can upload natively on webpages now.

Other stuff

Sounds like apps can be triggered from web pages. Dunno if that's new, but Tap A Talk would loveeee that, right? :p

More on the way! Follow me at @wphonehacker for updates, and let me know if you have questions!

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