Developer, Interop unlock your Samsung WP7 with WindowBreak
Posted on 12-24-11 07:24 am

Here's the news for today. If you're bored (or want to twist my words around), read up on WindowBreak. Otherwise, here's a solution for any Samsung-rockers who want Interop unlock for sideloading registry editors, file explorers, homebrew apps, etc, without having to pay a cent, wait in queue, be logged, etc. Here's how it works:

1) Open up your Samsung WP7's browser and head to

2) Click "WindowBreak Me"

3) Tap on "windowbreak" (part of it is obscured, but there should be an arrow pointing at it)

4) A browser window should open up. Ignore it.

5) Go to the dialer and dial ##634#

6) A diagnostics keypad should appear. Dial *#9908#

7) Select "windowbreak" from the dropdown list

8) Press Save and reboot the device to restore your data settings.

Profit! You can now sideload anything, such as WP7 Root Tools. That was easy. Don't believe me? Just watch the video.

As for people wondering about other devices, hang tight. Once HTC, Nokia, etc., are ready, we'll post about it.

Merry Christmas!


If it doesn't work right, make sure you note the following:

1) If installed, uninstall the Diagnostics application and try the process again.

2) You do not need to reset your phone prior to windowbreaking. Follow the video tutorial starting at the halfway point.

Update 1/23/12: Having issues? Read this. Samsung's latest update blocks this method, but there is still hope if you have a restore point, or otherwise have not updated yet.

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