Samsung blocks interop unlock and other ProvXML methods
Posted on 01-23-12 07:21 am

We previously tweeted about this, but it seemed the awareness should be spread in further detail. Too long, didn't read: Don't update to 8107 through official channels if you want to continue using the diagnostics application for provisioning.

The 8107 update is safe, in the general case. No OS updates block any exploits. In fact, the update is mainly just a bug fix for keyboard issues and the like. But as Heathcliff74 has reported on XDA, Samsung has slipped their own update in with 8107, titled KK2. This update has an important change in it: RapiConfig.exe will no longer read from the ProvXML folder. This means WindowBreak, interop unlocking, some internet sharing methods, etc., will no longer be possible, at least in the short run.

Whether this update was created in response to previous ProvXML exploits, or from the popularity of WindowBreak, we don't know. The important thing is that this has been blocked through the official update channels. If you have not updated yet, you can follow this guide to update to 8107 and prevent changes from Samsung.

We would like to remind all hackers, homebrewers, etc., that updating is a dangerous game, and that having a backup on hand is always a good idea. It seems the cat and mouse game is afoot, which means special care should be taken when attempting to use unofficial homebrew.

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