The WindowBreak Project
Posted on 03-23-12 09:07 am

Supported Devices

All Samsung devices: Developer, Interop-unlock Samsung devices with WindowBreak

LG devices* (See: Jailbreaking:LG)


I'll start this post off with: No. This is not some magical jailbreak that's been rumored. This is, as the title says, a project. A little project I started a few weeks ago when I say a certain website with a blue "e" for a logo post about a Kindle Fire jailbreak. I thought, hmm, I wish I could make a jailbreak. 15 minutes later, I had done it.

Now, let's take a step back. What I did was interop unlock my Samsung Focus, without using Chevron Labs, AppHub, etc. Not that I'm cheap (after all, charging a small fee to help with hosting costs seems reasonable enough), but it's the principle here that counts. Unfortunately, there's a catch: the exploit, while working for every device, requires further provisioning. Samsung devices can do this using the diagnostics application. Other devices have some opposition to that.

For the last few weeks, I've been tinkering around at ways to get this working for other devices. HTC is giving me some issues (see the details link below) and I have no Nokia device (which also has some opposition), the two major contenders here. Some ideas have been found, but I'm not fully able to test them out, which is why I started the WindowBreak Project.

What is it: It's a project to bring jailbreaking to Windows Phone devices. That is, a dev unlock or interop unlock without needing Chevron Labs, AppHub, or a custom ROM.

What it isn't: A special "full unlock", a "free jailbreak", or whatever else these rumors have been saying.

Do you need it? If you have a Samsung device and want to interop unlock it, head on over to on your mobile browser. It'll take care of the rest. If your device is already unlocked with AppHub, Chevron Labs, etc., your device does not need it, and you won't receive much benefit from using it.

What this means:

This means that there's still some hope for free (as in libre) jailbreaking, and that we've made the details of this publicly available for other developers to find further uses for this. With that in mind, watch the video for a demonstration, and head over to the link below for details.

Details at XDA Developers

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