Lock Widgets official release
Posted on 04-03-12 11:15 am

After getting quite good feedback from the beta release, here's the official release of the Lock Widgets application! This version adds in some bug fixes, a new Twitter widget that displays a user's feed (just the user), and some other good stuff. It coincides nicely with Heathcliff's new release. Here's the details:


Lock Widgets adds widgets to your Windows Phone's lock screen. They're actually really useful, I've found, when trying to get weather information and other data at a quick glance. Plus, it's something regular Windows Phones don't do, which just makes it that much cooler.


  • Weather widget
  • RSS widget
  • Text widget
  • Spacer widget
  • Twitter @user widget
  • Memory widget
  • Puts widgets on your lockscreen. Pretty simple.
  • Daily Bing wallpaper
  • Custom background


  • Root access on your device, either with a custom ROM or WP7 Root Tools
  • Developer unlocked (obviously)


Download, deploy, add widgets. Tap on a widget to remove it.


Do not hotlink or redistribute. Link to the current page instead. Thank you.


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