Folders for Windows Phone 7.8
Posted on 02-18-13 07:38 am



Folders for Windows Phone is a project that does exactly what the name implies: puts Folders on your Windows Phone. Essentially, this enables users to create pinable folders that can be placed on the start screen for easy access to favorite applications, and adds organization to the device. It's one of the most popular homebrew applications, and has gone through several reversions.


  • Pin Folders onto your start screen
  • Full customization on what goes into what folder
  • One App Suits All: Install the XAP, which will automatically detect if the device has root privileges, and select the appropriate method for adding applications.
  • Non-rooted: Add from System or Marketplace, including OEM Marketplaces
  • Rooted: Pin folders to your start menu (experimental)
  • Adds one of the most requested features to Windows Phone devices
  • Backup folders you create to SkyDrive in case of device switch or reset


Download the file below, and deploy it to your phone from your computer. If your device uses Root Tools, be sure to mark the app as Trusted.


Latest version: v5 wphFolders.xap (Do not hotlink, link to the current page instead)


Be sure to share your feedback, and let us know if you have any issues! Simple thank-yous are also appreciated ;)

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