Zune Desktop sync with Windows Phone 7
Posted on 05-29-10 07:00 pm

Over at beingmanan.com, pictures of the Asus Galaxy6 (a prototype released to developers) syncing with Zune Desktop have been posted. The images are apparently from a IndiMIX 2010 session and were displayed due to technical difficulties with Visual Studio connecting to the device. The Zune Desktop now has a Phone tab on it, which displays the phone name, syncing relationship, and other information regarding the device, including storage space.


There is also an image of the updates screen, which demonstrates the end of flashing entirely new ROMs to fix small problems with the device. Now, the Zune Desktop handles all this in a simple step, and the user can choose whether or not to install the update. It is also worth mentioning that Windows Phone 7 is rumored to support OTA updates, but we have no further information on this. 


See the original post for more information.

Source: beingmanan.com

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