Wuvuzela, a stadium-horn app for Windows Phone that utilizes the microphone
Posted on 06-23-10 07:00 pm

Source: http://wuvuzela.jdbp.mobi People love apps that do things in tricky ways, such as the shotgun app for Windows Mobile that uses the G-sensor. Today, for you World Cup fans, is a Vuvuzela (a stadium-horn for you non-sports fans) app, skinable to whatever team you're routing for. What makes it cool, however, is that it allows you to activate it by blowing into your phones microphone. Try it out and give it a shot here.


  • Two vuvuzela sizes (thin or thick).
  • Two types of sounds (traditional or euphoric).
  • Predefined volume setup.
  • Sober design.
  • Powerful sound.
  • 32 country flags skins.
  • Play by tapping screen.
  • Play by blowing your microphone.


Download it here.

Via: Pocketnowhttp://wuvuzela.jdbp.mobi/

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