WPH Xap Deployer (Experimental)
Posted on 01-19-12 02:07 pm

Here's an experimental piece of software we're putting on the shelves. We often get asked what XAP deployment tools to use, and though we personally just use the one from the official SDK, we've noticed many have fallen victim to age with the Mango update. To keep things simple, we packaged and are releasing one of our internal pieces of code, that should work for most Windows Phone devices, given that they are developer unlocked.

This deployer is experimental, and is intended to be lightweight and lacking in any features other than XAP file deploying. This is not intended to compete, but simply add to available options. If you want something fully fledged, andreacorti on XDA Developers just gave us word today about a new project that helps manage XAPs in a more extravagant manner, and if that's what you're looking for, we suggest you try it out.

As for the WPH Xap Deployer, it is still experimental, and needs some testing, but it should work. It may work without the SDK installed, but if not, try installing the Mini SDK along side it (4.2mb). This application does no shell integration, no installer, etc. Just run the executable in the ZIP file, and you're set to go. Let us know if you have any issues, we'll be maintaining this on the side.

Download: wphxapdeployer.zip

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