WPH Source Released on GitHub
Posted on 02-11-13 04:15 pm


Hey all. This is something I've been meaning to do for quite some time, and I've only just gotten around to finally doing so. As the title says, I've released various WPH app sources over on GitHub.

Why? Two main reasons. The first one is simply that, with .NET applications, your source is easily reflected, so regardless of if I release the source, anyone who wants to see it has that ability. The second reason, however, stems more from the current state of things, and some trends I've noticed.

Simply put, Windows Phone 7 is a dying world. But even worse, the homebrew scene for it, in my opinion, is chaotic. For one, Microsoft actively spends time fighting against homebrewers, rather than improving the operating system and its Marketplace security in the first place. Second, the homebrew development community, is, I hate to say, rather weak compared to other OSes. There are a few reasons for this, the biggest one having to do with the popularity of the OS and the lack of realistic homebrew usage. But even so, I've noticed a lot of selfishness going on in the community, something I'm not innocent of either.

WP7 is a dying platform, but as it dies, it still holds many opportunities. With this being said, I've begun work on releasing my projects into the open, for people to improve, change, etc. They're all licensed under GPL v3, aside for libraries I use in the development of them, and details of their licenses are found in the readme files for each project.

Hopefully, these releases will help users and developers in one way or another, and will help WP7 live out the rest of its life in peace.

You can find the sources over on my github page. I'm still working on cleaning and releasing projects, and do keep in mind many of my projects are not very pretty in terms of code. I'm working on it. If you have any requests, let me know. 


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