WPH App now in the Windows Phone Store
Posted on 03-09-13 07:43 am

Quick announcement today. After much trial and tribulation, I managed to get the WPH app into the Windows Phone Store. This was difficult, as Microsoft's review teams hardly agree on anything, so my initial attempt failed. After seeing a bunch of rip-off apps in the store, though, I went ahead and resubmitted it. Voila. 

This app is very simple:

It gives you the site news, and you can click on articles to view a mobile version of it, including the comments. It's a tad quirky, but it's eons better than what the people who wanted to monetize my content without asking me did, so there you go. Oh, and it has a live tile. So if you wanted an app to keep up with WPH happenings, feel free to grab this in the Windows Phone Store.

It's a very early version, and I'm open to suggestions. Hope you like it! Also, if you like WPH, give it a 5-star, pretty please? Ratings have absolutely no value, but it would keep me motivated ;)

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