WP7S: Cut-paste was intentionally left out
Posted on 03-17-10 07:00 pm

[IMG]pics/wpakaapple.PNG[/IMG] While originally thought that copy-paste was left out of WP7S due to time limitations, it has now been revealed that it is a business decision.

According to Windows Phone executive, Todd Brix, the reason was entirely intentional. "We don't enable copy and paste and we do that very intentionally," Todd Brix said in an interview.

The reason? They wanted to anticipate why a user would copy and paste, in a process called "smart-linking." For example, double clicking on a phone number gives the option to add to the phone book.

"It's actually an intentional design decision," Brix said. "We try to anticipate what the user wants so copy and paste isn't necessary."

Do you think this is a good reason? I personally think it is an awful reason. Why not have Copy-paste [i]and[/i] smart linking?

Let us know your opinion below.

Via: [a=http://wmpoweruser.com/?p=14413end_url]WM Power User[/a]


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