WindowsPhoneHacker 7.8 ROM for Samsung Focus
Posted on 09-27-12 02:25 pm

Alright folks. The curtains have been lifted, and as such, I now debut the WPH 7.8 for Focus ROM. This ROM is for anyone with a Samsung Focus.


  • Windows Phone 7.8
  • Full unlocked
  • Stock feel with no unnecessary junk installed

What works

Marketplace, accent changer, etc. No issues were found in my testing. It's an early version of 7.8, but it works like a charm ;)


Download the ROM and flash it to your device; instructions are included in the Readme.txt file.

Never flashed before? Here's a tutorial.


Thanks to

Dotcompt, DFT, Ultrashot (unlocks), and XDA Chefs


Let me know if you have any questions or problems. Enjoy!

Download: [Fixed] (Please don't hotlink the mirror, link to this page instead. Thanks guys ;) )

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