Windows Phone 7 successfully ported to the HTC HD2
Posted on 01-13-11 05:17 am

Exciting news today: The Dark Forces Team has finally succeeded in preparing Windows Phone 7 for the HTC HD2. The public link is not available yet (but if you speak Chinese, you can try to get it here). This means that the HTC HD2 now runs nearly a complete line up, including Ubuntu, MeeGo, Android, Windows Mobile, and now Windows Phone 7.

Before you start drooling, however, there's some bad news: There are no Live services enabled. This is because it is not possible to activate Windows Phone 7 on a device without a key for it. Think of it like Windows Activation. While there's a chance it could be cracked, don't hold your breath. But if having to sideload every application is worth it to you, stay tuned-we'll have more details later today.

[Via: MobileTechWorld]

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