Windows Phone 7 Series take on multitasking: Push notifications
Posted on 03-11-10 07:00 pm

[IMG]pics/wp7spushnotifications.jpg[/IMG] (Source: [a=]Pocketnow[/a])

So we still don't know much about multitasking on Windows Phone 7 Series, but Pocketnow has gotten a [a=]video[/a] from GDC that explains how the system works with games. To sum it up, the game connects to its server, and then its server sends a packet to the Microsoft server. The Microsoft server then sends a packet to the device.

There are three different types of notifications. The first one is the Raw notification, which I could only guess is for the application itself to receive data (eg when its the next players turn, or etc). The second one is to update the Live Tile of the application. The final one is called "Toast", and it appears to resemble Apple's iPhone notifications.

Now, whether or not you can listen to Pandora and text at the same time is still unknown, but it does say that it is a little bit sketchy. This probably will require devs to register and get aprroval from Microsoft before using these notifications.

I did find this part interesting though: [IMG]pics/wp7smultitaskraw.jpg[/IMG] So if the application has to be running, obviously some form of multitasking goes on. The question is, can the application still use connections and play sound?

Probably not, as Microsoft has described this system as a way to be more efficient with networking and CPU usage.

(Is this a good time to mention that iPhone 4 is getting multitasking? Great timing, Microsoft eye roll).

(Via: [a=]Pocketnow[/a])


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