Windows Phone 7 running on HTC HD2, again (Video)
Posted on 11-06-10 07:00 pm

The moment many HD2 users have been waiting for appears to be getting closer and closer, and has yet again sparked up on the Internet. Similar to the video we saw last month of Cotulla's team running WP7 on an HD2, a video and several photos have appeared on Chinese site, and it looks legitimate. The device is shown booting into WP7 from the off state, and right into Windows Phone 7. Also, a SIM error is shown, proving this is not a clever screen capture of the emulator. Watch the video below, and see our commentary after the break.

The device is shown booting up from the off state, meaning that Windows Phone 7 has been loaded directly onto the device. This is very different from the method we saw before, which involved a third-party bootloader to bring up WP7. As far as capabilities go, SIM support is not clear, as the phone displays a SIM Missing error message. However, a Toast notification appears displaying "WiFi networks available", which means that the port is very well underway. Also, pinch to zoom support is demonstrated in the photos hub.

It's worth pointing out that it looks like an earlier build of WP7, considering that the Windows flag is still blue and the Xbox Live tile is black, but you can't ask for everything, can you? Let us know your thoughts below, and we'll continue to search for a download link.


[Via: 1800PocketPc]

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