Windows Phone 7 jailbreak already making progress
Posted on 11-12-10 07:00 pm

Windows Phone 7 is locked down nearly as tight as most iOS devices are, but good news is ahead: XDA Developers is already hard at work on getting a "jailbreak" ready. User hounsell states that the "Network Profile" application in Samsung Zone uses native code. After looking into the installer, he discovered that the DLL files could be imported into visual studio and could give the application access to native code.

Doing this could probably achieve a variety of things, and would give the first step in unlocking the entire system. The only problem is, you would have to have a developer unlocked device to run such an application on your phone, and registering for developer access will run you $99. 

It's quick progress, however, and hopefully sometime soon we'll see an exploit that enables full sideloading without paying for developer access.

[Via: WMPoweruser]

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