Windows 95 running on the HTC HD2
Posted on 12-20-10 07:00 pm

There comes a time, as comes with many Windows Mobile devices, where the devices intended operating system finds not one, but extraneous replacements. In this case, the HTC HD2 is now officially running Windows 95. Granted, it's emulated, meaning the speeds will be much reduced compared to Ubuntu or Android ports, and most hardware will not work. This aside, XDA developers user aSiD1712 has posted instructions here on how to get Windows 95 up and running on your HTC HD2, and take you back into the world where the internet was merely a nice thing to have.

Watch the video above from sswiss420, or jump into the instructions here. For those keeping score, this makes Android, Ubuntu, (WP7?), Windows Mobile 6.5, and Windows 95 running on the HTC HD2.

[Source: XDA Developers; Via: XDA Developers Portal]

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