Web Marketplace coming alongside Mango
Posted on 05-25-11 06:18 pm

Boy, Mango just keeps getting bigger. Announced over at the Windows Phone Blog, Mango will be coming with a new Web Marketplace to bring Windows Phone's growing app catalog over to the internet. As expected, the website will enable customers to browse, search, view screenshots, read reviews, etc. To purchase, the apps are billed to a pre-assigned credit card and are delivered over-the-air to the phone. In addition to this, the new Marketplace will include Parental Controls, which can block applications based on ratings or simply all paid apps.

We're a little curious on the rating part, as this may mean that Windows Phone 7 will start to allow in more mature applications with different age ratings. On the other hand, it could simply be a more restrictive way to sort applications of the current standards. Either way, we're excited for the Web Marketplace, which will be coming at the same time as the other 499 Mango features: this fall.

[Source: Windows Phone Blog]

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