Wake on Wan app for Windows Mobile
Posted on 09-16-10 07:00 pm

Wake on Wan is an application written by XDA-Developers user petititi, which allows remote powering on of your computer over WiFi or GRPS/3G. The application uses the Wake-On-Lan magic packet technology, which allows a packet to be sent to your network card while the computer is turned off, and powers the computer on. You can read more about the technology here at Wikipedia.

The application also uses the Sense SDK, which allows a beautiful interface to use to wake up your computer.


Use Win32 Sense SDK.
Sources files available!
Stores hostname, MAC address and port number using registry.
Wakes up a host in a local area network (LAN) or in a remote area network (WAN)
Support for all screen resolutions

A Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone or PocketPC device with access to WAN (wifi/3G/GPRS…)
Computers in your network that support Wake-On-Lan

Read more or download the application here.

[Via: XDA-Developers]

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