Video: Windows Phone 7 USB Video Out
Posted on 08-29-12 07:33 pm

XDA will never cease to surprise you. That's a fact. Sometimes for good, sometimes for worst, but whatever the average is, the XDA Dev Team has come out with something really really cool this week: USB Video Out for Windows Phone 7.

Above is a video demonstration of me taking a stab at it; it's really smooth and works impressively well. Unfortunately, it's a pain to setup, as it requires a custom ROM that is cooked with the special video out package. It also requires custom drivers to be manually installed on your computer, which actually isn't very hard to handle at all, but can be somewhat annoying if you have 64-bit Windows 7. 

The sticky details can be found over at XDA Developers. Custom ROM chefs should be coming out with ROMs incorporating this feature in the near future; for people without the ability (or patience) to flash custom ROMs, you're out of luck. For the power users, on the other hand, this is really quite fun to play with, and could prove very useful in various circumstances, such as presentations or recording video from your phone.

Big thanks to the XDA Dev Team for this one!

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