Video of HTC HD2 running Windows Phone 7... is it real?
Posted on 10-08-10 07:00 pm

The internet is afloat with news today regarding a video of the HTC HD2 booting into Windows Phone 7. It's much more believable than the videos from earlier this year, considering it shows the entire boot sequence, though the video cuts off as soon as the boot is completed, not showing any actual Windows Phone 7 functionality. Here's the original video (Thanks to Pocketnow):

Looks nice, no? Before you go with a solid "fake" or "real", here's a couple of things to think about:

Why it's real...

1) The video was posted by Cotulla on Twitter, who is a very well respected developer and has done much work on Android for the HD2, which makes this within his means. It also is unlikely that such a well-respected developer would risk his reputation over such a video.

2) The video shows the booting sequence, and uses the volume keys to navigate. This would be very difficult to fake, and pretty much eliminates the possibility that it was run through Remote Desktop.

3) Also along the lines of Remote Desktop, the start up animation is displayed much too smoothly to be running over a remote desktop connection.

4) The HD2 was originally getting Windows Phone 7, until Microsoft cancelled the update due to the hardware button design (and removable media, etc.)

Why it's fake...

1) Porting Windows Phone 7 to the HD2 is obviously extremely difficult.

2) The video shows none of the actual Windows Phone 7 functions.

3) The video displays "Fake GSM Network" on the Phone tile, which the emulator also displays.

Now, the Fake GSM Network message could be explained by the OS running, but not actually able to access the HD2's phone drivers. But since we've been asked by Cotulla not to ask questions, it will probably be up to time to tell us whether it is real or not.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[Via: Pocketnow]

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