Update: WPH Tweaks 0.5
Posted on 06-08-12 12:45 pm

Whee, another update. There are some neat things I want to integrate into this app, as well as a lot of cleaning, but until I get my development desktop back, this will have to do. This version brings in all the usual goodness of WPH Tweaks, but with two important changes:

  • You can now set the limit on how many task switcher apps will be listed, as requested by Austin Creely. Thanks! This actually works really well, and I had over 15 items listed at one point, with everything resuming successfully. Worth playing with.
  • Experimental/Useless is now renamed to Pranks, since it apparently was not immediately obvious that I was trolling. Actually, these settings were originally tested to see if I could fool the power manager, but this didn't work and I left them in for kicks.
  • Also for kicks, you can now get the same 5G service that I've been enjoying for the last few months. It's pretty fast, especially once you connect to WiFi! :p

As usual, grab it over at the Tweaks page, and give me suggestions for the next version. Thanks for all the feedback so far, really appreciate the fact that this simple app is, well, appreciated ;)

#wp7 #app #tweaks #homebrew

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