Update: Folders 4.1
Posted on 05-14-12 12:41 pm

Some quick updates today to everyone's favorite Folders application:

  • PNG images are now used, meaning the accent colors should always be correct on the start screen
  • Custom library is used for launching, which should fix conflicts with Battery Status.
  • WP7 Root Tools SDK 0.2.1 is now used, which should speed things up a bit
  • Optimizations, code cleanup, etc.

Obviously this is not a major update, but it should clean up a lot of the issues people were having, and should keep the app's tradition of being a solid, every-day usable app. As usual, you can grab the download over at the Folders page, where you can also supply feedback and ask for help with any issues you may be experiencing.

Enjoy, and let me know if any issues come up!


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