Tutorial: How to install the latest "NoDo" update on your Windows Phone 7 [Video]
Posted on 03-29-11 12:09 pm

The latest NoDo update for Windows Phone 7 is available unofficially through a series of complex steps, which we have outlined in the video above. This will take several tries to get right and is only recommended for advanced users, but here's the full listing of all the steps:

1. Developer unlock your device

2. Sideload the SamsungRegistry.xap file through the Application Deployment tool. The tool is available here.

3. Open the Samsung Registry Editor and change the following key to 000-88:


4. Download USAIP.pbk

5. Connect to EUROIP PPTP Hungary

6. Disable all network connections on your phone (WiFi and Data Connection)

7. Start a timer, and check for updates in Zune. Time how long it takes to fail on the first try.

8. Re-enable the data connection, and check for updates again. When your timer reaches within half a second of your original time, disable the data connection on your phone. If it worked, you should see the March update notification. If not, try again. This takes several tries to get right.

9. Install the update as desired.

Keep in mind this will potentially disable any homebrew applications you have and could have undesired consequences, so we are not responsible for any problems this may cause. Proceed at your own risk, and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

Thanks to this XDA Developers thread for much of the info.

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