Toshiba Tsunagi prototype gets caught on video, brings back memories
Posted on 06-22-11 09:18 am

Ah, remember the old days? When we were all finding ways to sneak an early WM6.5 build, when a 1ghz processor was massive and we were all on resistive touch screens? That's what this reminds us of, though in reality, it's not really a TG01. What is shown in the video above is a prototype TG02/TG03, aka the Tsunagi, which we've seen before in Microsoft's testing lab:

While the video is indeed real, keep in mind it likely means nothing-The Tsunagi was a testing prototype, and has no plans for public release. In fact, the video was likely taken by a bored employee or someone who managed to get his or her hands on the prototype. It does, however, bring back some good memories, and if you want to have a look of what could've, should've, been on your Windows Mobile-based TG01, we suggest you have a look at the video above.

[Via: wpcentral]

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