Toshiba TG01 gets a Windows Phone 7 port
Posted on 10-31-11 11:46 am

Remember that good 'ole TG01? The one that was always so close to getting Windows Phone 7? Well, it looks like there is something new available for faithful users who are still rocking this device.

Nokser on XDA Developers have released a full blown Windows Phone 7 ROM for the dated phone, ready to be flashed. The ROM rocks version 7510, which is between post-NoDo and pre-Mango, and as expected, this ROM is no miracle worker. Though quite miraculous in development, the ROM reportedly has a few drawbacks, including a lack of camera support. Still, it is a working Windows Phone 7 ROM for this older device, and if you're interested in breathing new life into old technology, hit up the source link for details. Or, if you're cautious, watch the video demonstration below from the safety of, well, wherever people watch Youtube.

[Source: XDA Developers, Image credit: qinwengui]

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