The Mass Storage Delimma
Posted on 09-29-12 12:38 pm

So you know that project I've been working on since forever? Well, it's pretty much baked and ready to go now, but a few things have come to mind that make me question whether or not the application should be released. 

In general, is it worth it? Here's the major points, since I know nobody likes prose:

  • The application requires a relay server, meaning you have to have internet in order to use it.
  • The data is securely transferred between your phone and your computer, with no data touching the cloud server, but the server must still exist to allow the phone to act as a reverse server.
  • The way the application works requires Zune to be installed on the desktop. The Zune software isn't used, but the phone has to be connected to the computer. This makes it pretty much useless for using your phone as a flash drive.
  • There is an alternate to the above, but it would require telling the phone your desktop's IP address, and having the phone connected to the same WiFi network.

Simply put, the limitations make the application a lot more tedious than I had originally hoped, which makes me really consider whether or not the application would ever be useful. It seems a little silly to trash talk my own work, but I'd rather not spend any more time on something that nobody wants, and on the converse, if people want this application on their devices, I'll go ahead and post the beta.


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