Tango Unlocked Emulator, plus video demo of changes
Posted on 03-23-12 09:08 am

Make this a part two. When trying to analyze the emulator, I found that not a lot changed. But I did want to demo the new MMS features and check out some other stuff, so I went the extra mile and unlocked the entire emulator. For those of you familiar with this, you should appreciate the full emulator experience back. For those of you unfamiliar with this, this essentially means that the emulator now supports most tasks, instead of just the default debugging and Internet Explorer capabilities:



Mirror #1 Thanks, Daniel!

Mirror #2


(If you have an account somewhere, or a dedicated server, feel free to mirror this and give me a link in the comments. It's quite large.)

Also included is a video demonstration of some of the changes, including the new MMS features, the location icon, and some settings updates. If you're eager to see what Tango has in store, I suggest you give it a watch. Do note this is pre-release software and things are subject to change.


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