Summary of Engadget Show
Posted on 02-27-10 07:00 pm

The Engadget show, unfortunately, was a dry hole for Windows Phone 7 Series information.

Here were the major points:

  • What's with the name?
  • Come to Mix
  • No Google or Yahoo for the Bing button
  • Come to Mix (again)
  • No response for HD2 getting WP7S
  • First Windows Phone 7 Series device is from LG.
  • Some person in Redmond just got his phone number shown to all the viewers.

    However, we did get to see some pics of the device:

    [IMG]files/lg phone 1.png[/IMG] [IMG]files/lg phone 2.png[/IMG]

    Looks like a modded version of the LG eXpo.

    #lg #wp7

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