Several Mondrian Concepts emerge from XDA Developers
Posted on 05-27-10 07:00 pm

Ever since the ROM for the HTC Mondrian was leaked a few weeks back, several people at XDA Developers have been creating concepts on what the Mondrian might look like. The designs are certainly interesting, as we have no idea if the device is a slider, candybar, or has a front-facing keyboard.

The first one, from ElCondor, features a very sleek and thin design, similar to an HD2 but much more rounded at the edges.

The second one, by Livven, is based on the Diamond/Touch Pro design.


This last design, by hubie, features a sturdy yet comfortable design. While it is not a typical design of HTC (more similar to Samsung or LG), the device looks like it would very comfortably fit in ones hand.

We will have to wait and see what the actual device looks like later on this year.

Which one would you prefer?

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