SevenEighter Support Tool
Posted on 03-21-13 07:32 pm

If you've had issues with not being able to open Messaging, Lock+Wallpaper, camera settings, etc., after using SevenEighter or another method to manually install packages, this is for you.

This tool is a very simple way to automate installing the broken language packages. Here's how you use it:

  • Say you're on version 8773. Some language packages are missing, and thus your phone exhibits strange broken behaviors.
  • Run the support tool, and select every version before 8773, including 8112-8773.
  • Install those packages

Basically, you need to install the language difference packages up to your current version. If you're already on 8858 (or 8862), install up from the beginning until your missing packages are fixed. Simple enough, no?

Be careful though. Note that this can cause issues as well, and again, I'm not responsible for the side effects of using this tool to get WP 7.8 unofficially. That being said, enjoy.

Download it here: Let me know if you have any issues.

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