Samsung Ativ S Interop Unlocked
Posted on 09-06-13 04:15 pm

And the prize for first interop unlocked Windows Phone 8 goes to... Samsung Ativ S! And the prize for first Windows Phone 8 interop unlocker? GoodDayToDie!

Well I'll spare you the fluff. GDTD has managed to interop unlocked the Samsung Ativ S, and shares his work over on xda-developers. The exploit is described as "hokey", and uses the Samsung Diagnostic app. Funny how that works.

The results? Interop unlocked Ativ S, allowing IDCAPINTEROPSERVICES apps to be installed, and theoretically more unsigned apps. And it should work with the free dev unlock, too.

Fabulous news. Cheers to him, pass your gratefulness his way. ;)

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