Running the Windows Phone 8 Emulator in a Virtual Machine (Video)
Posted on 01-21-13 02:04 pm

I came across something in the Nokia Developer Wiki about running the Windows Phone 8 SDK in a virtual machine, with a fully working emulator. I had previously thought (perhaps incorrectly) that this was an issue for people, but as it turns out, running the emulator within VM Player is actually very easy.

The full instructions are here: Windows Phone 8 SDK on a Virtual Machine with Working Emulator

Long story short, you do this:

Install VM Player (or VM Workstation. The former is free)

Create a new virtual machine

Once created, edit the .vmx file, and add the following line:

hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = "FALSE"

Start it up, install Windows 8, then install the WP8 SDK.


Watch the video above to see my seamless integration with VM Player, Ubuntu, and Compiz workspaces. ;)

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