Rumor: Android-running HTC HD7 spotted on video
Posted on 04-06-11 01:42 pm

The folks over at WMPoweruser have stumbled on something quite amazing: a video of an HTC HD7 running Android over at They note the authenticity should be questioned, but looking at the video, we are left with two options: legitimate Android, or a very, very careful fake. Assuming the video is real, the HTC HD7 shown in the video has received a flashable Android ROM, and seems to run with very little lag. No information about how much works is available, but it appears to be well along in development. If this is indeed legitimate, it appears some hackers have managed to find a way to flash Android ROMs on the HTC HD7.

Watch the video above and tell us what you think. By the looks of it, the HD7 may be following suit with it's younger cousin, the HTC HD2.

[Via: WMPoweruser; Source: (1) (2)]

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