Release: WPH Tweaks 1.5 with Splash Changer
Posted on 01-21-13 11:47 am

Quick update today: WPH Tweaks version 1.5 released, which cleans up the UI and removes some troublesome features that had a potential to cause conflict. Also, I cooked in a new feature by the name of Splash Changer.

This was originally meant to be a separate app, but that sounded like a waste of space, so I integrated it into WPH Tweaks. The application is very simple. It presents the user with a list of backgrounds to apply for the carrier splash (you know, that spot where the AT&T logo appears before your phone displays Windows Phone), and upon clicking them, the splash is downloaded and applied. Simple. 

This is a tad on the experimental side, as I'm not sure what the demand for it is, but I figured I'd release it anyway, and I'm curious to see what peoples' thoughts on it are. Watch the video above for more info on the subject.

Download it on the Tweaks page.

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