Release: The New Folders Application
Posted on 04-30-12 07:39 am

As previously promised, the new Folders application is now ready in a 1.0 fashion. This version is a rewrite, with a lot of things restructured/redesigned. This should help clean up a lot of bugs, but it may also introduce some new issues. Feedback is appreciated, as always.

Here's some of the important changes:

  • Bug fixes / UI changes
  • One application for all: Enable root privileges for application selection, otherwise Marketplace searching will be used.
  • Pretty tilt effect in folders
  • Root only: pin folders to your start menu (experimental)

Hopefully this should work without many issues, and as always, I hope you enjoy it! The attached video will give a good demonstration of some of the new changes in Folders, so give it a watch if you're curious. Thanks!

Download it on the Folders page.


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