Release: On-Device Folders version 1
Posted on 01-12-12 11:13 am

You know those moments when everything goes strangely well? As if Murphy took a day off or something? Yeah, we don't either. But here's the first release of the on-device Folders application we showed off yesterday, which is now ready for public consumption. Well, at least that's what our testing seems to tell us; we'll be standing by reading comments and answering requests via Twitter if something goes wrong.

This is the first release in the on-device branch of the application, which we have a couple of neat updates planned for. You can find the download link over on the Folders page. There are two versions; the first is the usual app, the second installs into the Settings menu on your phone, if you prefer to keep your applications list clean.

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With that, cheers, and we hope you enjoy this release! Also, any feedback you have is appreciated.

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