Release: Eco, an experimental battery saver [1.2]
Posted on 08-06-12 09:21 am

My Focus's battery is now a year and a half old. It had its first full drain last summer, and due to a short with the charging port, has been majorly abused. It now lasts about half a day of use. I ordered a new battery, but in the meantime, I thought I'd experiment with ways to conserve power. Thus, eco was born.

Eco is an experimental battery saving application. It currently kills all unneeded applications, that is, all non-vital system services, and turns off unneeded device sensors. The idea is to clean the RAM and turn off anything that would use up power.

The application is extremely simple by design, but whether or not it actually conserves power is yet to be tested. Thus, I list it as "experimental." Worst comes to worst, it can't hurt anything, and may speed up your device in the case of excessive load.

The application requires root privileges, and other than that, just needs to be deployed. Simple. Watch the video above for a quick runthrough, and grab the download below. Also, give any suggestions or feedback in the comments. Thanks, and have a good one!

Download: eco.xap

Updates: Version 1.2 now includes a tile to quickly "run eco", and an option for enabling the sensors again.

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