PSA: 8860 is not the live tile fix [Update]
Posted on 03-15-13 07:47 pm

A lot of gossip has been going on today in regards to a 7.10.8860 update that has begun to roll out. Specifically, the update has been pinned as a fix for the 7.8 tile bugs.

This is not a true statement. Simply put, the 8860 update has nothing to do with the live tile bugs, battery drain, or anything like that. Don't believe me? Here's some points:

  • The update files are stamped on January 19th, 2013. Considering that the first reports of the bug were around the beginning of February, aka when people first got the update, specifically Heathcliff's report, it's highly unlikely that this update could possibly be designed to fix that.
  • More so, Microsoft's recognition was after user complaints. The statement suggestions the problem may included in a fix update, not that a fix had been created and was ready.
  • Microsoft can't ship updates that quickly. They have too much testing to handle, not to mention carriers, OEMs, etc. Again, the update was built on January 19th.
  • The update files in question have nothing to do with the start menu.
  • I tested it, as seen above. My server is spammed with requests.
  • Heath tested it and reports that it isn't fixed.

So, what is the update? I'm not sure. It's 343kb, the largest part being the quartz framework. There are also some provisioning settings in there for syncing Google accounts. Exactly what it's for, or why Microsoft is deploying the update again, I don't know. But it doesn't fix the live tiles, as far as my testing goes.

Update: Update version 8862 is out now (and in SevenEighter), which Microsoft states fixes the tile issue. It was built on February 23rd, so that's a good sign. The update does patch livetoken.exe, so that's also a good sign. I'm waiting to hear from Heathcliff, though, on if it solves his issue. I'm still getting some strange behavior on my end, but it may be unrelated to the tiles. For now, let's assume it fixes the problem, until further notice.

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