Preview: WPH Tweaks
Posted on 04-07-12 03:00 pm

As a quick update as to what we're working on, here's a quick little preview of something just a little more orthodox than our usual out-of-the-box designs. The WPH Tweaks app is intended to bring together all those little registry and file tweaks and package them into a super simple UI. Consider it a favor, and a way of showing my laziness. Included are the usual tweaks that most ROMs pre-cook, as well as some other things I came access when exploring the registry, such as ways to spoof the Zune syncing status. This is extremely useful: no more need to close Zune or disconnect your phone when trying to open the Marketplace, photos, etc.

Anyway, enough boasting. The reason I'm showing this preview is to ask what should be cooked into it; I can't promise I can figure everything out, and in fact, I suspect much less is possible than most people would think. But if you have any ideas, or any specific tweaks you know of that I should throw in, I would be greatly appreciative. 

Coming soon!

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