Preview: The New Folders for Windows Phone
Posted on 04-24-12 04:13 pm

That mess up there is the new Folders application, a rewrite (more or less) of the Folders project that I'm working on. It needs a lot of work, including UI tweaks, bug fixes, and the usual, but as usual, I wanted to give an update on what I'm working on and how it's coming along.

Here's the basic info. The new version comes with a lot of bug fixes that have been mentioned over the past while, and brings together the UI a little better. Things are also now sorted, which makes the app a lot easier to use.

Also, the new version will bring in a new experimental feature. I call it experimental both in the technical and user experience sides of things. In the new version, rooted devices will be able to add folders into the app list on the start menu. In a way, this makes your start screen less cluttered, and it makes it a little easier to sort things. In another way, this might just add more clutter to the already not-so-lovely app list. Give me some opinions on this, if you will. 

I can't give an ETA on this, but I am confident that many users will be happy to receive an update that will address a lot of the lingering issues. If you have any suggestions for the new Folders for Windows Phone application, let me know below.

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