Poll: Will you be using ChevronWP7 Labs once it's open for business?
Posted on 06-19-11 03:30 pm

Last Friday, the ChevronWP7 team announced a new upcoming service for Windows Phone devices that will bring authorized homebrew to developers. The catch? There's a small fee associated with it, to pay the developers for their efforts and to offset some of the hosting costs. Which makes sense, as it appears these guys are running the service out of their own pockets.

At the same time, we've noticed on several forums that many are not pleased with the idea of shelling out cash of any form to allow them to use their devices to their full potential. In fact, several developers are quite angered by the idea, and some colorful language has begun to spread.

Others, however, acknowledge the efforts of the Chevron team, and are quite happy that homebrew will finally have a larger audience on the platform. 

So today, our question goes two ways: The first part, are you interested in bringing homebrew back over to your little toy, and the second part, are you accepting of whatever this "small fee" will be? We're curious to see your responses, and be sure to let us know your reasoning on the comments below.

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