Orientation Lock Release
Posted on 04-16-12 01:22 pm


About two weeks ago, I released accelerometer disabler, an application that fixed the annoying problem of my Samsung Focus rotating when I was laying in bed. There were some limitations, though, and it really only worked for people with LG and Samsung devices.

Well, good news. Thanks to some enlightenment, I've redesigned and rebranded the application, which is now known as "orientation lock". The video above explains the changes fairly well, so I suggest having a look at it. As the thumbnail seems to spoil, the new version is device independent and doesn't require interop unlock. Not bad, eh? Also, gone are the days of rebooting your device; just slide the toggle switch.

Update: Version 3 allows a quick toggle tile, if you need to lock/unlock your orientation on the fly. Give it a try, tell me what you think.

Download: (Link to this page instead; do not hotlink or redistribute. Thanks)


Hopefully people will really enjoy this release. As usual, watch the video above for a demonstration, and leave your thoughts in the comments. Want to thank me? There's a button in the sidebar for that, or you can do me the free-as-in-beer favor of keeping tabs on my work. Cheers ;)


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