Of Notifications and WPH
Posted on 01-09-13 07:39 pm

At one point, I had an entire post written out, explaining all the details of the situation and the current status. But I decided to wait until I had all the details, and as a result of my junked up Windows 8 install, I lost the post to a crash. This turned out to be a blessing, though, as the original post became obsolete.

What I'm trying to say is this. Last week, I launched Notifications. Also last week, Notifications became unpublished. What happened? Well, just that. It seems NC was never supposed to be in the store, and for what turns out to be a rather good reason. For the sake of privacy, I'm keeping most of the details to myself, but I will tell you this:

Notifications is no longer available in the store. It will never be available, as it was never supposed to be available. This is a fact I was not fully aware of at the time of publishing, otherwise NC would have stayed in the homebrew camp. This is not something I have control over, as I equally do not have control over what happens to the individuals who purchased NC. By my understanding, I won't be making off with your money; I'm also not the person to talk to for refunds. I wish things were different, as this is incredibly unfair and has made me look bad, but again, I have zero control over the situation.

I have much to be grateful for, however, as the situation has turned out less negative than it once could have. I'm hoping everyone will be grateful with the fact that I will be continuing my work on Windows Phone, just with a different start to the year than I had planned. I have some projects I'm planning to get released soon, and maybe someday I'll finally get my hands on a WP8. We'll see.

As for Notifications, it's gone. It worked well in concept, but in reality, there are just too many problems with it being a mainstream application. If there's demand, I might release the source, and give it to the homebrew community to play with. If there's demand to keep it online as a homebrew app, I might do that too. I'm open to suggestions at this point.

Again, my apologies for the mess this has been.


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