Neko App for Windows Mobile 6.5
Posted on 06-19-10 07:00 pm

Remember this little guy? Yes? No? Well if you do, it should bring back memories. Otherwise, go to Wikipedia and refresh yourself. All good? Great. Nullstring from XDA Developers has created a version of Neko for Windows Mobile. Here's what he has to say (quote): 

Boring days while in vacation and I was playing this old dos games from my sister's flash drive and I was so happy when I saw this little old program called "Neko". I first played with it way back Windows 3.1 or I think that was 95. So I runned it and I was so happy when It worked on Windows 7. Suddenly this bulb of mine suddenly turned on again and I thought .. why not make a Windows Mobile version of it? and that day I started coding!! 

A bit challenging because I have to deal with form transparency which it did not work well due to some irritating form tearing and I also tried custom shaped form which it did not work as well because of delay of reshaping and form refreshing.

So I looked for some reference in, Googled, bindump coredll.dll and I saw this one method which helps a lot and done a great job of making a the form transparent .. sadly .. it works only for Windows Mobile 6.5 and up (I guess)

So! what does Neko do?
- Neko can chase your finger 
- and while Neko is not doing anything, Neko does different things
-- Run in different direction
-- Yawn
-- scratch
-- sleep
-- lick

Also, the app is themeable, so you can theoretically create what ever animal you want. Head over to XDA Developers for more info and the download link.


Via: WMPoweruser

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