Native Notification Center for Policy and Full Unlocked devices [Update]
Posted on 04-16-13 06:34 pm

There's been more opposition for this project than with... well, I tried to come up with a good joke, but let's cut to the chase.

I've decided to release a rewrite I made of Notifications. It only works on full unlocked devices. Here's the details:

  • This app caches the push notifications sent to your phone. So if someone mentions you on Twitter, and you miss the toast, it will appear in Notifications.
  • This app does not cache non-push messages, such as texts, emails, calls, etc.
  • Complete rewrite; it works differently than the original Notifications app. No PC tether, no external servers, etc.
  • The NC service runs on the device. This is why you need your device to be full unlocked.
  • I'll repeat that. It must be full unlocked, meaning you must be able to run EXE programs on it.

The setup is simple. Download and install it to your device. Run the app, and it should take you to the setup page. Press install, then agree to the disclaimer. It will prompt you to reboot. Do so, and with any luck, it'll work.

I'm releasing it without support. Notifications works for some people, doesn't for others. The problem is likely to do with full unlocking. If you have a custom ROM that is fully unlocked, it should work. As for EXE unlocking rooted devices, it may be hit or miss. We'll see on that.

The source is available on Github. Download the XAP here: ncroot1.xap. If you didn't read anything else: You need a policy unlocked or full unlocked device. If your device is not full unlocked, read the instructions appended below.

Also, if you want to test if it works, install SimplePush. It'll send a quick toast to your device.

Other than that, enjoy. I'm curious to see what the feedback is, and whether or not it works in certain scenarios. I don't know what the demand is to keep working on it, but here it is, and with that, enjoy. ;)

Update: Should now work on interop-unlocked devices, provided you use WP7 Root Tools. To do this, install the XAP, mark it as "Trusted", run Notifications, click Install, and reboot your phone. Presto. Do give feedback on whether or not this works.

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